15 Terms Everyone in the what does 301 mean Industry Should Know

A 301 redirect is a web address that links to a different web address. A 301 redirect changes the page or page fragment in the URL. 301 redirects make it so that if you type in the web address of a different website, the current page is now redirected.

The 301 redirect is an address that redirects to a different URL, meaning that it doesn’t actually change the page, but rather changes the web address. All web addresses in the world are just a single web address. However, if you type in the URL of a web address that changes to a different web address, your current web address is now changed to that web address, and is therefore not correct.

This means that if you go to a website with the web address, and then go to a website, such as with a number, you will see your page be returned to you.

This happens all the time. When you are viewing a website, you can go directly to that website, but if you go to a website that has changed address, you will still see the URL you typed in the first time you went to that website.

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